FreeGallery (Beta)

FreeGallery is my approach on an Android gallery app. I started mostly because my previous favourite one started to annoy me with ads. After some search for a replacement I found there are not that much free gallery apps out there, so I felt this might be a learning opportunity for me and so I started. It should be as simple as possible, without too much unneeded features, cloud and whatnot. Read On →

Yet another Arch Linux install process

Since I still need to look up a lot when installing Arch Linux somewhere, I documented my steps the last time I did on my new workstation. This is it, wrapped in few decorative words. Everything was done with the help of the Arch Wiki. This will be your friend. The following steps do not provide much information on why I did it like that or what alternatives might be. Read On →

The favicon this blog deserves

Until now this blog had that default favicon from the Hugo theme I use. An “H” (for Hyde X) in a black box. Now I’ve made huge efford and invested a lot of time to create a new favicon / touch logo to give the blog the favicon it deserves. tl;dr

Arch Linux Arm on Raspberry PI

this post is still under construction; content might change slightly in the future Arch ARM Setup As I’m a big fan of Arch Linux, the Arch way and the Kiss principal in general, I’m using Arch Arm on my Raspberry PI as well. This is just a little more work to configure in comparison to the preconfigured Raspbian Images, but you get an Arch setup in reward (if that isn’t something! Read On →

About (Hello World)

Hello World What is this? This is my new blog. Not that I have an old one. While I still don’t have a clue, why I want to write on a blog nor what exactly to write, I assume it will be fun. So, this is a fun project. My personal goals of this fun project are: Have a website (be one of the cool kids) Fiddle arount with Hugo, which is my static site generator I use for this blog; Until lately I wasn’t really aware, that static sites are a thing anymore. Read On →