The favicon this blog deserves

Until now this blog had that default favicon from the Hugo theme I use. An “H” (for Hyde X) in a black box. Now I’ve made huge efford and invested a lot of time to create a new favicon / touch logo to give the blog the favicon it deserves. tl;dr

Arch Linux Arm on Raspberry PI

this post is still under construction; content might change slightly in the future Arch ARM Setup As I’m a big fan of Arch Linux, the Arch way and the Kiss principal in general, I’m using Arch Arm on my Raspberry PI as well. This is just a little more work to configure in comparison to the preconfigured Raspbian Images, but you get an Arch setup in reward (if that isn’t something!). Read On →

About (Hello World)

Hello World What is this? This is my new blog. Not that I have an old one. While I still don’t have a clue, why I want to write on a blog nor what exactly to write, I assume it will be fun. So, this is a fun project. My personal goals of this fun project are: Have a website (be one of the cool kids) Fiddle arount with Hugo, which is my static site generator I use for this blog; Until lately I wasn’t really aware, that static sites are a thing anymore. Read On →